We are looking forward to 2015 as we continue to work with many of our supporters, members and police departments from across the commonwealth. There is a lot of unfinished work that we have to complete and with time it will get done. We will continue to assist police agencies with recruitment and dissemination of information with regards to employment opportunities.

There are young women and men who are actively seeking the opportunity to serve and protect
their respective communities. It is only right that we continue to support them and assist them in attaining that goal.

As your president along with the leadership team, we will continue to work aggressively for this organization and for the membership. We will continue our efforts to make things better for our
members, corporate members, and supporters within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We will
search for new ways to bring enhanced benefits to our members. We have an opportunity to be better
and stronger for 2015 and it is our very intention that we lead this organization into that direction.

Members and Supporters,

Let me start my first letter of the year by wishing all of you and your families a Happy New Year. I hope that 2015 continues to bring you much success in all of your endeavors. I would also like to personally thank you for your continued support to our organization. As we reflect on 2014, I can honestly say that there are no regrets.

We accomplished a lot of things. Many of you were promoted to a new rank within your department and were acknowledged at award banquets for the great work that you continue to do every day. Many of you attended events throughout the year and represented the MLPO with the utmost respect and professionalism. I cannot thank you enough for that.​

President's Message

"Honoring Service, Promoting Leadership and Protecting Our Community"

One of my personal goals in 2015 is to be in touch with each and every one of the members and
supporters to discuss goals and expectations with this organization. I personally welcome a phone call, a lunch or a coffee anytime you want to talk and discuss anything with me. It is not only a pleasure but an honor to serve as your president. I am very passionate and serious about the work that this organization does; and feel that the countless hours put in to making sure that this organization continues to move forward is very important in overcoming any negative impact it may face down the road.

In closing, we look forward to 2015 to share exciting news, success stories and future events within
this organization and the membership. There are announcements to be made and we hope to do so this year. Please continue to check our website periodically as we will continue to inform everyone about workshops, trainings, job opportunities and social events here in Massachusetts. Please feel free to use our contact section of the website should you have any questions, comments or concerns. Stay Safe!

Jacobo Negron